Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Our snippet, isn't our (Eurodipity)

It is rare how it is taking Google to our Eurodipity. Besides passing to 2ª page if we looked for the word eurodipity, snippet that shows Google, does not take it from the text from post from eurodipity, Google take it from the RSS of others blogs.
Look at:

Within three months, the Volvo Ocean RACE will be celebrated in Alicante. In that sense, we have known in Eurodipity that continues being fulfilled the ter. - 80k - Cached - Similar pages"

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Anybody has seen it in another web?

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Eurodipity: Mythical Terra again

In the past post in Eurodipity, we've talked about Mythical Terra, and today, Eurodipity talks about it, again.
Because, the thematic park of Benidorm becomes to attract more public. Mythical Terra opened yesterday the new zone of gratuitous access Ocionía, that occupies 21,000 meters square and in which has invested 8 million Euros.
One is the liberalization of the zone of Egypt, one of the main reclamations of the park since it opened its doors in the year 2000, renewed with new restaurants of fast-food, stores and spectacles. Two of the attractions of Ocionía (Infinitely and the lake) are gratuitous, but in the rest it is necessary to pay by each ascent as if a fair it was.
Eurodipity talks about the same.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Eurodipity: Mythical Terra

Yes, in Eurodipity, today is the turn of Mythical Terra.

Benidorm is the Spanish locality with the greater tourist occupation, concretely a 81.2% of average, according to the National Institute of Estadística (INE). Not even the islands remove advantage to him. It began to remove head in 1925, with the construction of the first villas in the Levante beach, and it was opened in the 50 with a city-planning arrangement directed to the lovers of the sun and beach.
And now, it is another important thing: Mythical Terra, the tematic park of Benidorm!

Their 17.9 degrees of annual average were complemented in the year 2000 with the 750,000 square meters where Greece, Rome, Egypt, Iberia and the islands are distributed. The Mediterranean civilizations of Mythical Terra catch 1.200.000 visitors annually, or what is the same, 6,000 people daily raise their adrenalin with a view to the bay of Alicante.

To the climate and the beach other hooks are added: 80 daily spectacles, that resist the implacable passage of the years. Barbarroja, the boat of pirates in the tematización of Iberia, has been eight years "online".

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Near to Benidorm: Today, Alfaz del Pi

Today in Benidorm web, we want to talk about Alfaz del Pi (so near of Benidorm), in Alicante, Valencian Community (Spain).

Alfaz del Pi is located in the coast of the province of Alicante, about 50 km to the northeast of the city of Alicante. Account with 19,913 inhabitants, and its population is similar to Altea, 55.2% of its inhabitants is of foreign nationality.

Interesting places: Bombarda tower, Parochial church Christ of the Good Success, Beach Racó de L' Albir, Castle of Count de Alfaz.

Another thing to emphasize in Alfaz del Pi is the Festival of Cinema that is celebrated every year, that it does few days was carried out, and in this eurodipity is more information.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Eurodipity presents Altea

Today, in Eurodipity, we talk about Altea, a beautiful city so near of Benidorm.
Throughout 8 km of coast, Altea offers a wonderful beach diversification, coves and cliffs: Beach of Mascarat, the Barreta and the Solsida, there are the most important.

Altea is very special, because the third of the population of the 24,000 is foreign.
It is this one of the populations of Spain with a greater number of foreigners, reason why an office in the City council has been necessary that takes care of its restlessness, suggestions, claims or doubts. In this office of the City council they speak English and French.

See the map

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eurodipity: Music and theater in Benidorm

There are more activities in the summer of Benidorm.

In Eurodipity, today we talk about: Music and theater.

There will be infantile theater all the Sundays in the audience Oscar Esplá, giving beginning day 13 with the work " Pedro y el lobo". Also will be theater for adults, the days 18 of July and 8 and 22 of August. First of works, " Aquí un amigo" with the actor Jaime Blanch, it will go to benefit of the Association of Mental Patients.

Equally, the cultural program incorporates music the Saturday 19 of July and all the Saturdays of August in the audiences of L' Aigüera and a new musical section that will be at night, the Thursdays of August, 23 hs. in the beach of the Mal Pas, and is free.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Benidorm video in Eurodipity

This is a beauty video about Benidorm, with the places more important and tourism typical. In Eurodipity, we want to share it with you. (The music is to dreem the "siesta", but you can ignore it ;-))

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Eurodipity: campings in Benidorm

When you travel, it depend how much you can pay, how many people you are, you must select in a hotel, apartments or camping.
Today we talk about campings in Benidorm: There are some campings, in the city, so near of the beach.
The list with the more important:
  • Villasol - Avinguda Almirall Bernat De Sarrià 13, 03503 Benidorm - 965 850 422‎
  • Benidorm - Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa 50, 03503 Benidorm - 965 860 011
  • Almafra - C/ Cabut 25, 03503 Benidorm - 965 889 075‎
  • Depel - Avenida Juan Fuster Zaragoza 16, 03503 Benidorm - 966 807 567‎
  • La torreta - Avenida Doctor Severo Ochoa 11, 03503 Benidorm - 965 854 668‎

To know the location, please, look at the map of Benidorm campings.