Thursday, August 28, 2008

Eurodipity: OT

In Eurodipity we remember that there are little more than 24 hours so that the Auditorium Julio Iglesias of Benidorm enjoys with OT. Everything an event for fans of this mediatic phenomenon that does not have to confuse, since today it is the last day in which the cheapest entrances will be able to be acquired.
The stragglers that have not been able to secure their entrance or that they are waiting for the last moment to do it, must know that today it is the last day that will be able to acquire it by 25 Euros. Tomorrow the entrances will be available in Kiosco of the Triangular Place and in the Bullring of Benidorm and in the evening in the ticket offices qualified in the enclosure of the audience by a price of 28 Euros.
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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eurodipity: Hotels Magic Costablanca campaign

In Eurodipity we read that the hotels Magic Costa Blanca of Benidorm, has a interesant new campaign “Returned to school with Magic”, a promotion that raises to partly mitigate the cost that the Spanish families are themselves forced to confront in the month of September, when the children and young people return to the classrooms after the summery rest.
Eurodipity can know that of this case, the initiative consists of giving to 166 Euros in `corticoles' (school articles) to the clients who reserve their vacations between days 28 of August and 10 of September in its establishments of Benidorm: Excalibur complex, Hotel Mónika Holidays, Magic Hotel Crystal Park, and Fenicia Magic Hotel. This initiative starts up in collaboration of the prestigious establishments El Corte Inglés, with presence in all Spain, which will facilitate the clients who benefit from the campaign to exchange school articles in their capitals of origin. In any case, the option is contemplated to pick up the money in metalist if it prefers it to the client.
The decided amount (166 Euros) is not fortuitous, since it corresponds exactly to the post that owes the Government to the contributors according to the electoral promise sent by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.
We remember in Eurodipity that this hotels made another importan campaign, it consisted of giving back to the clients 200 Euros to do in front of the gasoline necessary to return to house and the filling of the refrigerator, generally empty after vacations.
As we read in Eurodipity, the managers of Magic Costa Blanca consider that the vacations of summer in the beach do not have to be a reason for oppression for the families, nor either the return to the school. “We set out to help at time of crisis, because we understand that the familiar vacations are a right and not a whim”, say Javier Garcia, vice-president of the hotels.
Eurodipity read this new in Grupo Noticias (and translate as we can ;-)).

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Eurodipity: 50.000 persons in l'Olla

The other day we spoke in Eurodipity of the spectacle of pyrotechnics and music in l' Olla, Altea.
And today we can say that more than 50,000 spectators were there. In the daily Information we Eurodipity read, that Ferrocarrils of Valencian Generalitat (FGV) transported to 4,100 travellers in qualified the special services of train in the Alicante-Denia Line, on the occasion of the celebrations of the Castle of l'Olla that Altea celebratedthe past Saturday, according to informed sources into the Valencian Autonomous Government.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Eurodipity: Ice cream to bears in Alicante

A funny news we can read in Eurodipity: Ice creams, ponches of fruits and rains with sprinklers are some of the measures that the welcome centers and zoological parks of Alicante have devised to fight the high temperatures that undergo the animal in their facilities, a confronted summery battle with creativity and taken care of much.

The person in charge of the equipment recovery center of animal "Coffer of Noé" , in Benimantell, Serafín Doménech, has explained, in declarations to EFE, that this enclosure lodges, among others animal, to four Siberian-Canadian bears that "they undergo the exemplary fell the summer more than persons. This animals that were found in an industrial estate of Vigo and which they will be reintroduced to natural means in reserves of the north of Europe, support the high temperatures with icy patches, floods of "soprises" , that they are deposited in the caves of the facilities of Benimantell where they inhabit the bears, has indicated Doménech. "They embrace to the ice bars, trying to eat the fruits that we have introduced in its interior, and thus are better" , it has detailed.
As we can know in this Eurodipity, this ice cream for bears of almost an average meter and of height fills up with a kilogram of big holes, sweet strawberries or other fruits, and remains without melting near six hours. Another one " invento" that Doménech has put at the disposal of these mammals is an ice ball with holes, in whose interior the food is located.
Shadow zones, vaporized water apparatuses abiertos, pools, facilities with material of "termoarcilla", showers with hose and spaces to take a walk are the resources more used by zoological and the centers of welcome, but the own animal have their natural mechanisms to defend themselves of the shame.

We think in Eurodipity that is a good idea!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Eurodipity: tonight Castle of l'Olla

In Eurodipity we want to tell you that tonight it is the Castle of l' Olla in Altea. So if you are near Benidorm, it is a very pretty occasion to see fireworks in the beach with good music.

Every year they attend more than 50,000 people eager to contemplate the game of light, powder and music in a combination in which also they take part, the scenic dance and other arts.

We'll like to go to Altea tonight in Eurodipity, but we don't know if it'll be possible.