Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Eurodipity: Hotels Magic Costablanca campaign

In Eurodipity we read that the hotels Magic Costa Blanca of Benidorm, has a interesant new campaign “Returned to school with Magic”, a promotion that raises to partly mitigate the cost that the Spanish families are themselves forced to confront in the month of September, when the children and young people return to the classrooms after the summery rest.
Eurodipity can know that of this case, the initiative consists of giving to 166 Euros in `corticoles' (school articles) to the clients who reserve their vacations between days 28 of August and 10 of September in its establishments of Benidorm: Excalibur complex, Hotel Mónika Holidays, Magic Hotel Crystal Park, and Fenicia Magic Hotel. This initiative starts up in collaboration of the prestigious establishments El Corte Inglés, with presence in all Spain, which will facilitate the clients who benefit from the campaign to exchange school articles in their capitals of origin. In any case, the option is contemplated to pick up the money in metalist if it prefers it to the client.
The decided amount (166 Euros) is not fortuitous, since it corresponds exactly to the post that owes the Government to the contributors according to the electoral promise sent by Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero.
We remember in Eurodipity that this hotels made another importan campaign, it consisted of giving back to the clients 200 Euros to do in front of the gasoline necessary to return to house and the filling of the refrigerator, generally empty after vacations.
As we read in Eurodipity, the managers of Magic Costa Blanca consider that the vacations of summer in the beach do not have to be a reason for oppression for the families, nor either the return to the school. “We set out to help at time of crisis, because we understand that the familiar vacations are a right and not a whim”, say Javier Garcia, vice-president of the hotels.
Eurodipity read this new in Grupo Noticias (and translate as we can ;-)).

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