Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Benidorm mountain: Puig Campana

If we want to enjoy the mountains, close to Benidorm is the Puig Campana, 1,400 meters high.
It is a beautiful place, vegetation, forest, and snow in winter. Puig Campana is only 30 km. Benidorm (8 km straight line from its apex to the sea), and the ascent of the mountain, we meet with very pretty villages, such as Finestrat. From this town, leave trails of various environmental and scenic interest. One of them links Finestrat Sella, while the other joins Finestrat, Benimantell in the Vall de Guadalest.

Confrides is another beautiful place, where we have been yesterday in a friend's house, a house built on the Rock, with a beautiful forest around it, and where you can see the entire mountain. (My friend sold this house and if you are interested, you can ask here).

If you are in Benidorm, you can not miss the Puig Campana with beautiful places and charming villages.

Confrides - Benidorm

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Hoe said...

I love mountains. Too bad my country does not have a mountain. Hope to visit this lovely place one day.