Monday, September 1, 2008

Eurodipity: Celebair Benidorm

We (Eurodipity) read in Europapress, that the television network ITV, one of those of greater hearing in the United Kingdom, has surrendered to the evidence. After the news articles on located citizen insecurity and wild urbanism in the province of Alicante, the channel has returned to ingratiate itself with one of its main reclamations: the tourist locality of Benidorm.
As we can know in Eurodipity, the latest that ITV has located in their grill is “reality” - Celebair - in which eleven famous ones realise the functions of flight assistants in real passages. The “celebrities”, before entering the contest, realise a training of six weeks like which it confronts a real one. Its functions: the earth invoicing and the own workings of the rest of the crew.
The main argument is the adventures of the “tourists” who go every year to Benidorm, among other things, to benefit from the currency change. We can say in Eurodipity, that the most outstanding elements in the series, obvious, are the sun, the beach, the alcohol and, of course, the bulls. British chain ITV, after its attacks to the tourist model of Benidorm, locates the Altet (airport) as destiny in “reality” where famous.

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