Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Eurodipity: summer positive

In Eurodipity we read this morning that in Benidorm, the summer season still to finalize, the summer has been positive and the majority of establishments has not had to resort to supplies of last hour, as it has explained to HOSTELTUR Antoni Mayor, president of the Enterprise and Hotel Association of Benidorm and the Costa Blanca (Hosbec).
“Always there are hotel groups or hotels that realize of which they have been mistaken, for example putting prices very lifted and when the summer arrives realizes and rectifies and puts supplies of last hour, the last week of August”.
But “they are precise things, has been no an invasion of supplies, in case they are 10 or 15 products in all Benidorm”. In fact, it assures that it enters 30 and a 35% “of the hotel plant have practically had full total without to have made no supply”. The slight reduction has affected mainly the national market. “Now a slope between the 1 is anticipated and the 5 of September but the following week it has much sold”, assures.
Eurodipity read this info in Hosteltur.

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